The Gift Of A Day

The ability to impact lives, to me, is the greatest thing anyone can do. That is exactly what Jesus did! He went about impacting lives and touching hearts. I believe that human beings are gifts, and everyday God gives us is the gift of life and the gift of opportunity to share part of that... Continue Reading →

The Hustle And The Grind

I noticed the change a while ago, there’s something in the air. Like a virus. Because all of a sudden everyone is about the hustle and the grind. It is all over social media, everyone is up and about building their brand, trying to become the next big something. Which is cool but the intensity... Continue Reading →

Run Back To Love

Rounding up my devotional one morning and the last scripture was II Tim 2vs22. I know you’re lazy so I’ll just write it out, it says- “Flee from youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart”. This reminded me of a sermon... Continue Reading →

God Don’t Like Ugly.

Hey guys, its Hazel (of course). If you’re a regular “Wh’d up?” and if you’re new “Hey hey I hope you stay!” That rhymed, sorta… That title isn’t an original. I got it from a Tyler Perry production called ‘A Madea Christmas’. Yep, you know I love me some Madea. In the play Hattie the... Continue Reading →

21 Things I Learned @ 21

Firstly, ain’t nobody got it together or got it all figured out, not even Michelle Obama. So if you feel a little lost every now and then or find yourself wondering what your next step would be its okay, that’s normal, you’re not alone, and it’s all part of life’s adventure. Hey guys, no I... Continue Reading →

My Rose Coloured Glasses

The sky is grey, the ashes are settling, the dust is clearing, the moon will soon be rising, and the darkness that comes with it will be drowning the sobs but not drying the tears. I am desperate. I am searching. I am desperately searching for a sign, for a glimpse. “Think happy thoughts” they... Continue Reading →

Losing a Friend (My Story)

Hey guys, instead of doing a regular Q&A or telling the story according to the template I decided to share the tribute I wrote for my friend’s memorial page. It has almost everything in the template and a little more of our fun times.   I REMEMBER I remember… When we were just kids, like... Continue Reading →

Losing a Sibling

Here we go How did it happen- how did you lose your sister? She was ill. She died after a protracted illness How old were you? 44years old. She was 35 Ouch! After knowing her for so long. What is your favourite memory of her? A small chubby toddler running to give me a hug... Continue Reading →

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