Speaking Christianese

“How are you?”      “I’m fine”

“How’s the business going?”    “Well…the Lord is helping us”

It’s not even a church thing anymore even non-Christians do it, especially yours truly. “How are you?” “Are you okay?” “Do you need some help?”, “I’m okay” “I’m fine” is my go-to response for anything, even when its not true. I say it to friends, i say it to frenemies, i say it to everybody and i’m guessing most of you are like me.

If i am being honest with myself it is not that i do not want to talk about what’s going on with me or that i wouldn’t know how to express it (because sometimes that happens), it’s just that i don’t know if you actually care about me or you just want to borrow my pen. You know the awkward moment in the whats-app conversation when someone asks how you are and you go ahead and tell them only to find out that they just wanted to know if you were done with their book that you borrowed last week. I do not like awkward situations anymore than the next person so i would just tell you i’m fine and we can move on to what you really wanted to say.

Sometimes it is also that we do not think they would understand. Many times we are dead on right, but a couple of times we are wrong. i have found myself being able to relate to the situations of the most unlikely people, people that i assumed i had absolutely nothing in common with. I would pour myself out to my regular people only for the answer to come from the most unlikely person- someone i just say “Hey” or “Hi” to.

We keep saying that God works in mysterious ways and how He can use anybody. But when He tries to do just that we ignore the answer and blame Him for not helping. We blame Him for the answer coming in the wrong packaging. For the only person that cares to be the neighbor ‘you’re not like that’ with, for your prayers not being answered with lightning and fireworks, for the only person willing to help to be the least expected person or a very random person, for the advice coming from a girl behind her laptop (i’m just saying). There are times that God has used the least expected people to help me through. Now that doesn’t mean you should go about telling everybody your business okay, use discernment. But what i am saying is give God the opportunity to use people out of your steady circle to help you.

Step For The Day: Let God be God. Allow Him to use whoever He wants and whatever He wants to answer your prayers. Don’t restrict Him to your circle and the method you made up in your head. Allow Him to work in mysterious ways.

Love, Hazel

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