Speaking Christianese II

“I cannot believe this is happening to me! I did everything right.”     “Don’t worry just count it all joy. it will work for your good”

“…he lost his sister. She went in for the surgery and that was it. I cannot believe it, she didn’t wake up!”    “Its okay. Look on the bright side she’s in heaven now and she’s looking down at you guys. She’s happy”

Okay for real…i think we have a problem.

Have you ever just wanted or even needed sympathy but instead you got something similar to that up there. You weren’t moping around or anything, you just needed some encouragement, some love, a shoulder to cry on but instead you got a couple of bible passages. The person practically dished it out to you and was ready to change topic and move on. Yep that person is moi! I have a scripture for everything! I am your typical church girl, you can wake me up and i will preach a full length sermon to you. One time my dad asked me a question, he said what if this or this happens and i was like “the devil is a liar that can never happen to me!” He just stopped for a second “the devil is a liar…?”

I honestly didn’t know how unrelatable i was becoming. See the second example up there? I said that to a friend when she was mourning. I had just listened to a sermon (in my spare time…yes i am that girl) so i was pumped up, fired and ready to go! it wasn’t until later that i thought about it, i told my friend to look on the bright side when she was mourning. What happened to cry with each other?

I remember when a friend of mine called me- i think, i can’t remember who called who-she just got through a very tough delivery and was still in the hospital with tubes connected to her and she was telling me about her experience. And you guys, i’ll keep it real, i literally related it to the birth and death of our blessed Saviour. Smh i was on preacher mode back to back and if we are being honest we all have that mode. But that was not what she needed. Even Jesus wouldn’t have done that.

I truthfully didn’t see what i was doing until it happened to me and i refuse to call it karma. I was having a miserable day (miserable week or two) and it seemed like everyone else around was so happy all the time, from social media to real life it just looked like they had a lot going on in their lives and i didn’t. I tried talking to my friend she may not even remember this but she told me that “you have to choose to be happy” in that tone. I was mad. I didn’t talk to anyone for a while, I mean who chooses not to be happy. Something like “Hey, yeah i’ve noticed you have been down lately. What’s up with that?” would have made all the difference to me. I didn’t like God’s method of teaching, but i finally understood.

I haven’t exactly put my big bowl of christianese away but i’m trying.  Downplaying what people are going through or prying on their pain by saying “Oh thank God that didn’t happen to me” is TOTALLY UNCOOL! If we are going to be Christians, then lets actually do what He would do and be there for people in their storms.

Love, Hazel.

Step of the day: Be relatable. Be there for people in their storms.

Inspired by: Kari Jobe

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2 thoughts on “Speaking Christianese II

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  1. Really deep……..
    This is just a typical example of what every or rather majority of we Christians do, at least, I’ve learnt from this post.
    Nice one Hazel☺


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