Judgmental Much?

“God has a purpose and plan for everyone!”

“God can use anyone!”

“No one is too far off track to return to God!”

“Everyone has a place in Christ!”

I have heard these over and over and over. If i were getting paid to hear it i would be doing pretty well for someone my age. The problem is that we ourselves don’t believe it.

Through my eyes- the eyes or any rational, right thinking person- i could not understand Rahab or Gomer, but Francine Rivers always comes through. I needed to, like Atticus said, climb into their skin and walk around in it. So i read Redeeming Love and Lineage of Grace and got something, perspective. I never looked at a sex worker the same way again.

You know it is easy for us to say “Well…if it was me i would not have done that” and “If i couldn’t afford my mother or sister’s or child’s medical expenses and that was my only option, i’m sorry but that person is going to die”. Someone actually said the second one to me one day. You know it’s real easy to say it now, but i have seen even the classiest of girls stoop very low for a man and it wasn’t life or death. He just threatened to walk away.  What if it was life or death? What if we don’t only step into their shoes but climb into their skin. Be born where they were born, raised how they were raised, taught what they were taught, made the mistakes they made. Would we have chosen to survive any other way? Would we have known better?

Francine Rivers gave me a story. They were no longer the faceless people i have been taught to avoid. Now i cringe every time they are referred to like objects of pleasure by men. They are the Rahabs and Gomers. They have a story, a past, a name and a future. They are loved, they are prized, they are the apples of His eye. And the only difference between me, you and them is Grace.

I have promised myself that one day when i am not under someone’s care i would damn the consequences, side glances, whispers of the church pews and do what Jesus did. I would share a meal with Rahab and Gomer and i would share Grace with them too. Funny how in church we are taught to avoid them yet the Head of the church dinned with them.

Maybe they would pay me no attention when i try, maybe i would only be able to get through to one. But i want my shot and telling them what i believe. I want my shot at telling them that:

God has a purpose and plan for everyone

God can use anyone

No one is too far off track to return to God

And every one has a place in Christ including them.

And then maybe, just maybe Jesus through me could get her to believe.


Inspired by: Francine Rivers

What i am doing now: Reflecting…

Atticus Finch is an admirable fictional character in Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel of 1960, To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Love, Hazel

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