So you may or may not have noticed (i really hope you did notice) that i have been off for say four weeks. I had a three week compulsory camp to start off my national service year. I had planned to leave you with two posts- “White Collar Guy” and just telling you where i would be for the next three weeks. But before i knew it i fell terribly ill, i haven’t been that down in years. I recovered fully a day after my arrival in camp which is funny because that’s where people usually get sick.

Now about camp…i along with two of my very good friends were to go with this batch. I registered within the first few hours that the portal opened and i chose what seemed like the best states to me- Enugu (home away from home), Lagos (lived there, have family there), Abuja (everyone says its a great place) and Kano (hahaha they can never post me there). The posting came out and i was posted to drum roll… Kano??!! While both my friends had Lagos and Abuja. Isn’t God awesome!! (sarcasm). To say that i felt bad is an understatement. Whats that shortest bible verse again? Jesus wept? Yes i followed after my Master’s footsteps.

I am six years sober of cursing and i am very proud of that, but i never felt the need to curse so bad as i did that day. I remember the times i felt like i could challenge Eminem to a curse duel (ahhh! Sucks in breath) Did you just say Eminem?? Why yes i did. See before there was a Jobe in my life there was the M&Ms (no favoritism on my path, never really understood what people found special in the red ones. Tastes the same to me), the Bees and Zs. And now i know my hymns like A, B, Cs. Isn’t God awesome (no sarcasm). What was i talking about again…yes, cursing! So i found alternative ways to vent like crying, pouring my anger on people, telling God that He doesn’t like me, telling people to get the crap out of my way before i knock them over, all very healthy ways.

Needless to say i didn’t want to go to Kano, but i went anyway. I ended up boarding a bus with two girls who i didn’t know would end up being my friends and roommates. In fact as far as i’m concerned i had the best room in camp. I am so happy and grateful to have met every single one of my roommates, i still cannot believe my good fortune. The camp officers and officials were the BOMB (pun intended). I went to Kano and found favor! The friends made and memories to be kept. I never thought i would say it but i am happy i went!

Ooh and i almost forgot to mention our adopted roommates Dara and Dera. No they are not related, not even from the same part of the country and mixing up their names might earn you a confrontation. You have been warned.

I have many stories to tell and much more to say, i hope i would be able to share along the way. I put in some pictures too.


Quote of the…well, until i can think of a new one: You never know where favor, purpose and joy will find you. You may be averting it thinking you’re doing your best to reach it, and you may be right in front of it thinking you might never reach it. Trust the path God has put in front of you and follow the peace.

All unedited pictures so go easy on me.


Ooh and my bunk mate made those outfits right there on camp! She’s the one next to me in the last picture (i’m the one in purple *wink*).

Love, Hazel

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8 thoughts on “4 WEEKS AWOL

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  1. Wow… Lovely…. It was really nice meeting you Bunkie. “See you at the top of the topest” the sky is just the starting point. Love ya


  2. Hope you’ll include the part where u were always wanting to touch my cheeks and our drama Queen Debbie 😂it was nice meeting and getting to know y’all 😊 I miss dodging drills and parade with u guys!!! 🙈


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