White Collar Guy

Monday afternoon i pulled my red danshiki dress over my black leggings, i put my makeup on and was out the door to the salon. I dread hair day. Actually no, i dread salon day. Regardless of how syked up i get about a new hair-do i do not enjoy getting my hair done. The two things that trump salon day (haha…i just said Trump!) on my list of annoying things is going to the bank and market day.

I finished my hair late evening and of course it had to rain. I got out in the drizzle and headed to church for workers meeting (yes i know, on a Monday evening. But i didn’t start the church so i don’t make the rules). When i got to church i realized i didn’t have a pen with me so i went out to get one. I am partial to black ink and because it was ‘all things work against Eddy Monday’ none of the vendors sold black pens. Like how is that even possible? I bought something else, probably a pencil and went in.

I was walking across to where my department was seated when i saw him. Dark skin, thick mustache, perfect beards, fitted round neck white shirt on black khaki trousers, two shoulder laptop bag slung over one shoulder…Eddy focus. I know this guy…ooh he’s not wearing his glasses today. When did he start growing his hair out?

Okay so you know that moment when you do not want to stare because the person could catch you and that would be awkward but you sorta want to go past acknowledging. So i just noticed him and he noticed back. Okay Eddy what do you look like? Cute red danshiki dress, makeup on (thank you Jesus for those makeup classes), fresh outta the salon with my favorite weave held up in the ultimate ponytail (okay maybe not the ultimate) but i looked good so he could notice away.

We passed by each other because we were going in the opposite direction (you do not know the importance of cologne and perfume until you have a moment like this). I walked over to where my department was, took a seat and heard nothing for the rest of the evening.

One sunday morning i was seated in second service and it was time for the choir to minister. I heard the instrumental and knew the song immediately, i’m not a fan of that song. I was looking down but somehow manged to see a pair of trousers making its way up the stage. That’s odd, usually a female takes the lead on this song. The song starts and the voice resonates through the room. I look up and smile, who do i see…white collar guy. Well more like white shirt guy considering that was what he was wearing that day.

I smiled stupidly at myself throughout the ministration like ‘Jesus i love this song’! I don’t think i heard much else after the song ended but it was a glorious service, fantastic time in the presence of the Lord.

Uhhh i’m such a church girl! Crushing on dudes in the choir.

OOh and for those of you who don’t know my full name is Edidiong Hazel Udo- yes it’s a mouthful but that’s where Eddy comes from.

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Love Hazel.

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