The One About Custard

Or let’s just call it “How much do you want it”.

So its 2am and i’m in my room having my personal bible study when i realized that i was hungry. What could there possibly be to eat at this hour?

Earlier on in the day my mom bought custard which gave me mixed feelings because one, custard is one of favorite things on planet Earth and two, it is one of the most fattening things on planet Earth that i consume, especially the way i choose to eat it. Why did she have to buy it! (Even if she didn’t buy it i would probably have begged her to buy it…but still). She said she didn’t buy it for me, regardless its in the house so i am going to eat it. She said she was going to hide it, like that would help. I would find it. She’s hidden custard before and  found it in under fifteen minutes. She didn’t even know i found it until i told her. It’s like we (custard and i) have a connection, as long as it is in my vicinity i have to have it.

So at 2am what did i do? Dropped my bible, told Jesus i would be right back (just kidding He’s with me wherever i go), and went to find the hidden custard. 2kg of fat here i come! So i searched upstairs- not thoroughly but enough to know that it wasn’t there. Then i went downstairs and there it was ‘hidden’ in the first place i checked- the breakfast cabinet, where it ought to be in the first place. On the flip side telling me it was hidden made me look.

I soon found out that finding the custard was not the challenge, it was getting it open. It was like the manufacturers didn’t want the consumers to consume it. The removable strip that ought to help in opening it kept breaking and scratching me in the process, so i resulted to using knives. That was not much better. The first knife was too sharp and nearly cut me and the second was too blunt to achieve anything. Finally, after several tries i was able to break the seal enough for me to slip my nails underneath and pull. Yes, you know a girl likes something when she is willing to break her nails to get it. I kept pulling and pulling until the seal gave way and the container opened…wait for it…without a broken nail! Let us just take a moment to appreciate biotin.

Once i could smell and eat the custard for me that was it, the ultimate high. It deserves its own paragraph.

It was in that moment that Jesus decided to say something. Told you! Ain’t no way i’m going somewhere without my G. He said “What if you did your work like this”. It was not an accusation, more like a suggestion. What if i put this much effort into my work.

See i found the custard in the third place i looked for it, I searched two rooms upstairs and the cabinet downstairs, but not finding it immediately didnt stop me from looking. It didnt even slow me down. Infact it made me work harder, my brain was working faster wondering where it could be and my anticipation was building. When i finally found it, it was another hassle to get it open. I had to work with a cutting knife and a table knife after i had suffered a number of scratches (cuz that seal was tight). Until i got what i wanted, until i achieved my goal, until i got what i came out for, i didnt stop!

God told me that if i worked like that, i would achieve and even surpass my expectations. If you’re in my generation you are probably all about trying to get it without all the work. Relentlessness, grit, tenacity, sweat and maybe a few tears are not the enemy. They show that we are putting in the effort to get the desired outcome.

From time to time we need to remind ourselves, like i am reminding myself and you are reading my reminder so i am reminding you, that we need to put in some work to reach our goals and fulfill our dreams.

Love, Hazel.

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