The Birds Outside My Window

About three years ago my family and i moved to a new house. Finally! I had been looking forward to the move for two whole years! I was out of my mind excited but what i didn’t consider was what it meant to move from a house we had lived in for several years.

First the physical packing. I honestly had no idea we had that much stuff! I would open my closet saying i had nothing to wear but packing told a different story. Next i truthfully thought i kept the house clean but after taking out the bed frames, couches and heavy weight furniture, i caught a terrible cold from all the dust. But even more so there was the emotional detachment. All the memories…wow! I cried a little. And then there were the canary yellow birds that would perch outside my window. I loved those birds. I was going to miss this place.

Unpacking was easier. Taking our old furniture and getting to have it here was comforting for me. It helped the new place not feel so strange, however i am a lover of the little things and i missed the little things about the old house.

Have i ever told you how amazing God is? Amazing in His attention to detail. I noticed one evening that out on the tip of my windows were birds. Not one, not three and many many more in the trees. They quickly became my favorite part of the house and till date maintain the post.

I thought the old house was in a quiet neighborhood, here i could sneeze and my neighbor would buy my a pack of tissues. The birds and their happy chirping were such a comfort.

There used to be two wild paw-paw trees growing next to the our house. The shorter one was over two stories high! And they were the skinniest pawpaw trees you ever did see. They looked like long sticks with a cloud of leaves hanging above. What i couldn’t wrap my head around was the fruit. Those trees should have been planted by the river side because the fruit was magnificent. It looked genetically modified. I mean it was fresh skinned, large and succulent! One time my mom and i were standing in my room looking out the window and admiring this fruits. The worst part was, no one could pick them. I mean who would risk their necks climbing the slimmest tree that had no branches or any form of support just to get some juicy pawpaw. Exactly, go on up to the market and purchase one for yourself.

It was such a waste! I told God as much and one day He showed me how He takes care of His own. As usual i woke up to the chirping and all the exciting sounds they make when they see their reflection on the glass. I got out of bed to look out the window and what did i see? Meal time. The birds were feeding off, more like feasting off, the pawpaws. Would you look at that, all that goodness just for the birds. Then He whispered “How much more you”.

The trees are no longer there and the birds are less (when i say less i mean in their tens). The trees were chopped down because of a project that took place. While i do benefit from the project i miss seeing the trees, they were my daily reminder.

Sure enough a couple of weeks later the chirping was louder. I looked out and saw a nice full mango tree around a house about a stone-throw away and i smiled to myself. Faithful sure God, Defender of the defenseless, Great Provider, Awesome One.


How much more you!

Love, Hazel


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