Ain’t No Competition

Haha! Oh am i going to get hammered for this one or what! Because this is the opposite of whats happening. Everything now feels like a competition. What she wore, where they went, where they live, what he does for a living, what he drives, where she went to for fun, how much they can spend, what she has… I mean the list is endless.

I don’t really know about the guys on this one but there’s this girl hate going around. We don’t mean to be petty but she has exactly what we want and wait for it…she doesn’t even appreciate it! How do you congratulate someone that gets what you’ve just gotten with half the effort and in half the time? How do you congratulate Miss Perfect?

We don’t want to be petty but they have a way of drawing it out of us. Like you know one bad makeup day wouldn’t hurt. Come on you can do it, for my sake, for the sake of my sanity. Stumble on your words. Just once… it would help.

And it is like the more we try not to be petty the more reasons they give us. Or am I the only one feeling the pressure? Come on people lets tell the truth. It’s okay no judgement, I can’t see you anyway.

The truth is, competition is inevitable, regardless of if we are the competitive type or not. But on our quest, in our calling, on our journey and with our destiny there is no competition. The only type of competition that may exist lies within us to make us strive to be better versions of ourselves. Because as we press towards the mark for the higher calling we realise that our futures and destinies demand a better, more renewed and defined version of ourselves.

So double tap on her Instagram pic, and like her Facebook page, encourage her instead when she feels down and give her a high-five when she excels (Disclaimer- This is a thousand times harder to do than to read, believe me a sister knows. But let’s not ruin the pep talk, where were we…ahh yes). Show the girl some love because you know that even though you may be in the same field, or doing similar things, or have to work together, or go to the same church…whatever the case is. I want you to know that you are not standing behind or in front of her, you not beneath or above her, you are beside her because both of you get to make a similar difference in the world today. Both of you get to influence in fashion, both of you get to influence in writing, both of you get to influence in cooking, both of you get to influence in banking, both of you get to influence in medicine. Do you see it now? The people she can’t reach, you can reach; the people you can’t reach, she can reach. So love her knowing that there’s enough space at the top for you guys, love her knowing that you might need some girl love someday.

Remember you were created for a purpose and you have a destiny. You are running your race on your lane. For the purpose you are to achieve and the destiny ahead of you there is no competition. Let that sink in for a bit. You good? Let’s continue. No one can be you or do anything the way you do. You are not just unique you are a class all on your own. When you see it this way you will not feel the need to put your girl down in order to feel better or be jealous of another because you have realised your identity and recognised your ability.

I want you to see it the way God sees it, see the life that was designed by Him with purpose and destiny in mind.

Honey, there ain’t no competition.


Step of the day: Show a girl some love today

Talk to you soon

Love, Hazel.

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