This Crazy Thing Called “FEAR”

“I can’t” Not because I literally cannot but because I’m scared. Do you know the feeling? It is almost the same as when I’m in my room changing up for bedtime but have an evening show to watch before I call it a night but the power goes out and everywhere is pitch black.

I cannot see my hands or my feet. I can feel them though, but I can feel something else too. Something lurking in the darkness getting closer and closer to me. His name is Fear and I can feel him creeping around me. I know if I stretch my hand out I will touch nothing but for some reason the hairs on my skin are reacting to his presence.

Suddenly I am reminded of my phone on the living room chair, my tv snack on the dining table, the tv that is turned on, a few doors that should be locked and a bunch of other switches around the house that are turned on. But with this sickening feeling in my stomach I could honestly jump into bed and forget everything. But jump into bed and do what exactly? I can’t think straight. I follow my first instinct, move slowly under my covers and wait. Still pitch black, nothing happens except the standing hairs on my skin are now accompanied by goose bumps.

Now I’m shaking. I want to turnover and lay on my side but I cannot because I’m paralysed with Fear. I know I need to get the food off the table because of ants, and turn off the lights, and lock the doors, and turn the tv off, and get my phone. I have to get up. I need to get up…but I can’t. Not because I literally cannot but because I’m scared. First of what’s out there, then of what’s in here. But I need to move, and the more I feel the need to move the more scared I get and the more paralyzed I feel. After several minutes of struggle the need wins and I slowly wiggle out of bed. One foot in front of the other I move slowly and surely out of my room.

You would think I’ve won now but the truth is Fear is my companion. The faster I move the harder Fear tries to stop me, finally I reach my phone. But something happens when I turn the flashlight on. Apparently Fear is afraid of light. Fear has a fear. Fear hates my movement so tries to stop it but cannot stand light hence flees from it. The goose bumps are settling, my hairs relaxing and my heart-rate slowing.

I moved around the house, turned the lights off, did the same with the tv off, locked up, carried my plate, hopped on my bed, turned my laptop on and played a movie. All that time I wasted with Fear just made my food cold.

Exactly! The bible tells us in II Tim 4:7 that Fear is a spirit. Actually no, make that II Tim 1:7 (see now we know who knows their word. (It’s the people who knew the first was wrong) *Smiles*). That is why we cannot touch Fear but feel it. See Fear doesn’t like you moving towards your goal, your dream, your future, your next level, your destiny. Hence will do anything to cripple and paralyse you. And then it becomes our companion along our journey telling us that the very people we want to share the gifts God has given us with will not like us or our gifts. Telling us that we are not enough because we do not match up to the image of some other scared but perfect looking person out there. He keeps telling us that we will fail because he is afraid of our success. Because he knows that through our success other people will be set free and find success. But now we know Fear’s secret fear. We know about light and that is our secret weapon.

Opening it once in a while will keep Fear away only for a while. But taking it with every breath will mean we begin to terrorize Fear because not only is the light around us but now in us.

See Fear tries to present itself like a roaring lion but we can see that scared kitten for what it really is. We have the true Lion with us and He just roared!

Step of Life: Stay in the Light. Stay in the Word.

Love, Hazel.

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