Losing a Friend (My Story)

Hey guys, instead of doing a regular Q&A or telling the story according to the template I decided to share the tribute I wrote for my friend’s memorial page. It has almost everything in the template and a little more of our fun times.



I remember…

When we were just kids, like primary school age

When your mom brought you over for a visit when she came to see my mom

That was the day we met.

Then my mom returned the visit

That was the day we became friends.


We practically grew up together

Like we were in our own world.

Remember how we used to run around the streets?

Or wonder into rooms that were ‘supposed’ to remain locked

And get ourselves into places that were ‘supposed’ to be out of bounds.


Remember our sleepovers?

And when we used to play pretend?

Oh and remember when Ehi (her brother) tried to drive the car? (He was barely 15)

I knew God was on his side when he finally got the car back into its parking space after it was stuck for a while.

Haha! I’m sure you’re laughing now! I am too (it was the funniest thing, the car was stuck for 2hrs and we knew your mama was gonna whop him real good.)

And remember how we used to tell each other stories

That were always on the border of fiction and reality (like the mysterious guestroom that was supposed to remain locked. Then one day your mom went in to get what was it? A kitchen sponge).

Hahahahaha! Ooh Sheena what would I have done without you!


Remember when we used to say we would be each other’s bridesmaids?

And then I met Omo (her half-sister) and our circle expanded

Four of us against the world!

Ooh I never knew I could have so much fun

All the little things in life mattered so much more!


I think we were in secondary school by now

Because from nowhere we’re stuck in lessons.

O My Goodness! The only that made it bearable was that you were sitting beside me.

And after we got out the four of us would talk about how terrible lessons are.


I must have moved to Uyo by now because you guys moved to Iyanupaja

And our time spent together dwindled down to nothing

Oh but you my dear, you know how to keep in touch

And I have a very stupid habit of not keeping in touch

Match made in Heaven!


Then sometimes I wouldn’t hear from you and wouldn’t be able to reach you for a while

And then one Monday, Tuesday or Friday afternoon, Boom!

There you were filling me in on every little detail that I missed.


You know I thought that this was going to be one of those ‘boom’ moments.

Baby you were sick. But you were a fighter!

You taught me something valuable

You taught me that time or distance is not enough to separate friends.

I’m gonna hold on to that.

It may be a while until the next ‘boom’ moment

But honey, when I get my behind to Heaven

You be sure that I’m going to fill you in on every little detail

Just like you taught me to!

I love you to the moon and back and I know you love me too!


To Sheena, In Heaven.

My Tribute.


From my heart to yours

Love, Hazel.

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