God Don’t Like Ugly.

Hey guys, its Hazel (of course). If you’re a regular “Wh’d up?” and if you’re new “Hey hey I hope you stay!” That rhymed, sorta…

That title isn’t an original. I got it from a Tyler Perry production called ‘A Madea Christmas’. Yep, you know I love me some Madea. In the play Hattie the cook and Madea the infamous aunt were talking and they spoke about God not liking ugly. I thought the lesson was amazing and when I look around me I see it play out everyday. Take a few Sundays ago for example, I was on my way back from church all pumped up from the message TD Jakes preached. This was the last day of the Emerge conference hosted by House On The Rock. I’m in the Enugu branch so we got the live stream but it was amazing nonetheless.

Anyway on the bus ride back to my place I was thinking about the night before.

*           *           *           *           *

I’m on my way back from my uncle’s place and need to get money from the ATM. I join this terribly long queue at about 8:40pm and I have to keep my lips pursed to stop myself from shouting at someone. I will never understand why people hog ATMs, I mean just get your money/ perform your transaction and go. Why check your balance before and after your withdrawal? Fine you checked it before, but after? Why? I mean they hog it for ten minutes only to make one small cash withdrawal, and tonight is no different.

After some three to five people were done hogging the machine the guy in front of me steps up and I tell you he spends between 10 and 15 minutes. He is full of activity, pushing buttons, taking his card out, pushing it back in, each time withdrawing small amounts and collecting receipts instead of just withdrawing the large amount at once. The people behind me are complaining but somehow I manage to hold my tongue until round five of the guy putting his card back into the machine (yes that many times!) I don’t know when I raised my voice. Everyone present was talking and laughing at him and honestly it is rather funny so I laugh.

It’s getting pretty late and finally the guy walked away full of shame I’m sure. A thought flashes by in my mind “what if you do something stupid?” I couldn’t believe the thought, what? I have been using ATMs for how many years now, that’s impossible. I then step up and put my card on the blinking light and push but it doesn’t go in. So I hold the card up to check it and it is the right card and the right side so I try again and it still doesn’t go in. What? I kept trying and it isn’t going in. What is going on?

After about a minute of foolishness (which is a long time in the world of ATMs and traffic lights) I drop my hand slightly and push. In it goes. The light wasn’t the space for the card, the space was slightly beneath the light. Heat rose to my cheeks. I quickly did my transaction and got out of there as soon as I could manage. But I didn’t miss the amused expression on a few faces.

*           *           *           *           *

The bus jolted, bringing me to present time. I sighed then asked God why it was that everytime I did what people around me were doing or what people my age were doing or even what regular folks would do, say taking advantage of a funny situation to have a laugh at someone’s expense or something similar He would humble me? He replied “I don’t promote scoffers”. Ouch! Did You just call me a scoffer?! Me? With the blog inspiring people? Me that loves You? I wanted to ask Him but I already knew the answer. Yes I was. Extra humbling.

Promoting scoffers is against His nature and it defies His principles. No matter how much He loves us His integrity is His bond, that is why we can rely on His word. His word cannot change, not for anyone or any time.

I think it is interesting how we think of ourselves as the future yet God cannot promote us. So we are hustling and bustling, hitting hard and grinding just so we can get ahead and our Father looks at us with nothing but love in His eyes and willingness to bless and uplift us but the ugly won’t let Him.

I am sitting on my bed humbled by this. Now this is not me saying that by doing certain things we earn God’s blessings but I am saying that from time to time He will allow certain things to happen in order to humble us, because He loves to give grace to, promote, uplift and bless the humble.

That means that if we do not drop the ugly ourselves, because of His intense desire to bless us and see us become more and more like Jesus, He will assist us.

Step of the day: Next time you dress up decide not to put on the ugly. Then do it again tomorrow and for the rest of your days.

Love, Hazel.

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