Run Back To Love

Rounding up my devotional one morning and the last scripture was II Tim 2vs22. I know you’re lazy so I’ll just write it out, it says- “Flee from youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart”. This reminded me of a sermon I was listening to, where the preacher pointed out how we would notice the bible said to resist the devil and he will flee from us and how we should put on the full armour of God so that we can withstand the devil and his tricks by taking a stand, but it says we should flee from youthful passion.Hmmm.

That means not spending a lonely weekend together busy resisting *clears throat* each other or rather resisting your urge. Not stand your ground, look that temptation in the eye and tell it you have your shield of faith. But rather to run like something is about to get you.

In fact, picture it this way…you’re having a good time outside on a warm sunny day but then a cheetah spots you a mile away. You are not going to change position to try and give the cheetah a better glimpse of your good side and hope it notices your favourite jeans. Most definitely not.You’re going to run. Let me read from the Hazel International Version “you shall take but a moment to tighten your laces and hold your hair with an elastic band, so that you may run like you don lost your mind!”

Take a moment to picture it. You would be running so fast the houses and cars would look like a blur. See those marvel superheroes, them spiderman, X-men, Usain Bolt (he’s practically a part of the category now) they ain’t got nothing on you! You are running and screaming at the top of your voice. You wish you could climb a tree but you can’t stop if not it might get you. So you are running and praying “Oh Jesus, I need help. Big help! I know I’ve been inconsistent and haven’t really prayed or been there in all of 6 months…” *start quoting all the scripture you know* “…but I remember you said in your word in Jeremiah that you have plans for my good, to make me a chosen generation and a holy country…” *now you really start panicking and saying the sinners prayer* “…I believe you were born of a virgin, died for my sins and rose on the ninth day. Oh I don’t think I’m doing this right! But Lord you gotta help me!!!”

Yeah, run like that.

Well not literally, but you catch my drift. Don’t leave room for it. See there are several people- both singles and people in relationships that keep leaving room in their lives and relationships for situations that they cannot speak proudly of in public. 

You are busy resisting and working your self-control abs, while over half the time you end up thinking or doing what you would be ashamed of later.

One thing I love is that the Holy Spirit will always let us know when to be cautious and be ready to clean us up when He is standing there with open arms and forgiveness in His eyes, maybe a little laughter too because after all He gets to watch us run and scream like we’re out of our minds when we are running back to Love.


Always a pleasure to make you smile

Love Hazel

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What I am doing: Rounding up my devotional and packing (take a moment to appreciate multitasking). Did that rhyme?

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