The Hustle And The Grind

I noticed the change a while ago, there’s something in the air. Like a virus. Because all of a sudden everyone is about the hustle and the grind. It is all over social media, everyone is up and about building their brand, trying to become the next big something. Which is cool but the intensity of it is starting to raise goose bumps.

Now don’t get me wrong I respect the hustle because it means ladies aren’t sitting cross-legged bouncing their heels and twiddling their thumbs waiting for the son of a tycoon to find them interesting, and guys are taking responsibility and initiative but there’s just something about it all that’s a little distorted.

It is all about the likes and the follows, making it big and as fast as possible. We want to be millionaires in our twenties or early thirties, and make money doing what we want but… there is something I can’t put my finger on. It is almost as if we are willing to do anything to get there.

Gradual success, starting small, and working our way to the top is not in anymore. We want it now, the instant success, the overnight fame. I was in my room one night back in school, the power was out so it was a very quiet evening. I was trying to figure my way around the darkness when I heard some guys talking outside. It was pin drop quiet that I couldn’t shut out their voices. They were talking about money and making it. How they wanted to get that job and do that business and get that deal that would make them millionaires within the first few months to a year.

I was a little taken aback by that but I gave it little thought until the ‘Future, what’s next’ topic came up in random conversations and guys would speak up and confirm what I heard in my room that night. Was this for real? Christian guys and ‘Christian guys’ are saying the same thing. It is “hustle hard, make mad money, marry a boss lady, have a boss family and enjoy life”. Yeah I know that looks good on paper but something about it doesn’t sound right. It seems we are missing the point.

The hustle has made us self-focused, so our only reason for the grind, the late nights, and hardwork is so that we can buy ourselves the lifestyle that we only dreamed about. That is why it is so intense, it is not God focused it is self-focused. It is not destiny cantered or purpose focused, God has no say or control. But we may mention Him in a post once in a while, saying something like #blessed, #grateful but none of it was built around Him. That is not building His kingdom or doing His will and let’s face it most times when it is like that it is because we are doing something we know He does not approve of or align with His word.

I believe it is a beautiful thing to see people walking in their purpose, willing to work for what they want and achieve their goals and most importantly honouring God and putting Him at the centre of their work and achievements. God blesses what is in His hands and brings glory to Hm. God can do and had promised to do exceedingly, abundantly and above what we can ask or think. He knows how to bless you more than you can ever imagine. Take the focus off yourself and fix it on Him.

Love, Hazel.

Listening to: “Insta Fame” Toure Roberts.

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