The Gift Of A Day

The ability to impact lives, to me, is the greatest thing anyone can do. That is exactly what Jesus did! He went about impacting lives and touching hearts.

I believe that human beings are gifts, and everyday God gives us is the gift of life and the gift of opportunity to share part of that life with another person.

It is a blessing to give. To be honest the most meaningful gift is not money. In fact the most meaningful gift is time. It is so precious you can never get it back once it is given. But when it is given it means you have given a part of your life to that cause.

Your time goes on an errand for you. It takes your words, your expressions, your body language, and emotions and gives it as a gift.

When you look at it that way your perspective changes. It is no longer just another day or a random person. It is a gift and an opportunity to give life.


Our society today has taught us to be takers. To milk every opportunity for what it is worth, at someone else’s expense too. To get what you can get and move on, to use people as stepping stones. But the bible says it is better to give than to receive. God is telling us that the better part is when we gift ourselves.

Another misconception is that it takes a lot to do that. A few months ago I went to the pharmacy (I was looking crazy by the way, but I didn’t care). First thing I noticed was that the girl at the counter had an attitude. There was a faint smell of nail polish and the next thing I noticed were her hot pink nails. To top it off she was struggling to get things done without damaging her nail job (all this was eye rolling worthy, the cherry on the cake would have been for her to pop gum in my face).

I felt like rolling my eyes and giving her an attitude, the good Lord knows her attitude game got nothing on mine. But instead I offered to bag my stuff so she wouldn’t ruin her nails. Immediately her face lit up and her mood changed! She beamed at me and told me not to bother. She packed it up and off I went. Her smile was my gift and it took all of 55 seconds.

Love, Hazel


Step of the day: give a gift today

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