Hi my name is Hazel, I recently graduated from the university and my favorite colour is shimmer! Especially if it’s gold, like rose gold or champagne…and as you can see I also have a tendency to ramble.

I love to write. I almost cannot help myself sometimes, hence the blog. But even more than writing I love to read. In my entire existence I can say I have read nothing less than maybe 200 books (my children’s books included, school books excluded) though my mother would argue that it is five times that figure, and I believe her because my bookshelf when I was a child could start a mini library…so I guess that takes me a little over 200 *there I go rambling again*

I blog about…

…and whatever it is I am into at the moment. I am a Christian and I love Jesus that means I cannot leave Him out of this.

I named this blog One Step In The Right Direction because I do not believe in perfection. I believe in becoming a better version of yourself who learns and grows daily. I believe in taking one step in the right direction.

You can follow me on Facebook @Edidiong Hazel Udo and on Instagram @hazel.udo

Hope you enjoy the blog!

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